Story Telling – not just for the children!

Once upon a time Ladybirds decided to embark on a great new adventure – using the magic of story telling!











Story telling for all ages at Ladybirds – the Ladybird staff learnt all about story maps and the great new ways we are enjoying story telling in the environment. During a fun filled workshop the staff had to create their own story maps and tell their amazing tales to each other. The children have loved showing us their awesome story creations so we thought it was about time the staff could join in the fun!

Story maps encourage the story teller and audience to map out the story that has been told. This helps the children identify the start, middle and end of a story. Already the children have shown great understanding of how a story is broken down into a sequence. They are able to identify the main character of our stories and retell the journey and how the story ends. Following on from this the children then let their imagination take over by adapting the story. We are already seeing the benefits of retelling core stories – the stories and language have become embedded in their long term memory. Stories provide great opportunities to extend and enhance the children’s vocabulary and provide a bank of tales they can draw up to create their own adventures.

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Current Term Dates

Term 1 starts on:
Thursday 5th September 2019
and we finish on:
Thursday 24th October 2019

October Half-Term Holiday:
25th October 2019
1st November 2019

First day of Term 2:
Monday 4th November 2019
and we finish on:
Thursday 19th December 2019

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Dates for your diary

Thursday 7th November, Annual General Meeting, 7:30pm. Venue: Ladybirds Pre-School.

Monday 2nd December – Christmas Play