Mark Making & Developing our Muscles for Writing

The importance of making marks!

Mark making gives children the opportunity to explore imaginatively, physically and creatively, to test their ideas and extend their play.

Writing begins long before a child can physically hold and control a pencil or crayon effectively. Mark making is the foundation that underpins a child’s ability to write and the journey to becoming a confident writer begins at birth.

Your child’s Physical Development

To be effective writers children need to develop their ‘Muscles for Writing’
From birth a baby’s physical development begins with gaining more control of their eyes and head movement, lifting their heads up and turning their heads side to side. Then shoulder work as they begin to crawl building strength and coordination of movement. As they begin to walk they start to develop stability especially as they walk and play on uneven surfaces. They also begin to get a sense of where their bodies are in space and continue to develop their spacial awareness, in time becoming more skilful movers.
They learn stabilising skills as they begin to climb play equipment and climb stairs. Physical development moves down the spine to the tips of their toes, this allows the baby to develop increasing control over their arms, then hands and eventually fingers.

Remember children’s development of motor skills happen in different ways and at different rates. They may skip stages or move backwards and forwards between them.

For more information and ideas of how to support your child’s pre-writing skills and development please see our information pack titled ‘Mark Making and Developing our muscles for Writing’. You can find this in the Useful Documents – Development and Curriculum section of the website.



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